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Stayc St. Onge - Oct 5 2021

The Pandemic brought us back to Earth.

Welcome to Reclamation, we are so glad you found us. We wanted to share with you a bit about who we are and what inspires the products we sell.

In March 2020, when the pandemic kicked us in the collective panties, my partner, Amy, and I faced a complete shutdown in our respective industries. Film and television production came grinding to a halt. Restaurants had no other choice but to close their doors. And we found ourselves without work. The hustle of New York City and our livelihoods went from sixty to zero overnight, and like most everyone we knew, we found ourselves stuck at home in our apartment with more questions than answers about the future.

When an unexpected opportunity arose for us to become caretakers of a property in the Catskills, with things as they were, it was an easy yes. So we packed up what we needed from our Brooklyn life and off we went 

Planting seeds, laying roots

As an experiment, we began pushing seeds into soil, clearing out old gardens, building new gardens, and growing food and plant medicine. Our relationship to food, land, and the rhythms of nature deepened. Our clarity and understanding around scarcity, privilege and disparities sharpened.

Words go here about our crops 

The experience propelled Reclamation forward into a deeper and more direct line of plant gifts, which is reflected in all of the products offered here. Being from the makeup world, I am close to obsessive about every ingredient I work with. Everything we make are products we use daily and believe in wholeheartedly. The integrity of our products matters to us too. All of our ingredients have a traceable lineage, either grown by ourselves or sourced from reputable and responsible local business owners. 

And as a bonus, we adopted chickens! Meet "The Girls."